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Sunne Tropical

Jewel Beetle Wings UNDRILLED NO-HOLE Taxidermy Beads (100 Wings)

Jewel Beetle Wings UNDRILLED NO-HOLE Taxidermy Beads (100 Wings)

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UNDRILL NO HOLE JEWEL BEETLE ELYTRA NATURAL WINGS FOR ART CRAFT SCULPTURE EARRING JEWELRY DESIGN. Sunne tropical undrilled Jewel Beetle Taxidermy for Art Craft Sculpture Embroidered Embroidery Beads 

Natural beetles wing from Thailand. The short circle of beetle wings starts on the rainy season and beetles die off after laid their eggs. The dead beetles are collected and this nature preserved can last decades and suitable for making art, craft, sculpture, apparel to jewelry design for it can be used as sequin embroidery.

  • 100 % Natural Beetle Wings, jewel beetles,insect jewelry, nature jewelry
  • Jewel Beetle Elytra Sternocera aequisignata
  • Thai Thailand Beetles wings malaeng thap Product of Thailand
  • Color : Green, Length : 2.7-3.5 Cm.(Approx)
  • earring diy jewelry design Usage of its wing for produce jewelry such as earrings, pins, key chains, Ornaments, clothes, earrings, necklaces
  • Package 7.25 x 5 x H 0.25 INCH (1 OZ)
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